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Tue, Feb 20, 2018 2:53 PM
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2152-6: Ventilated benchtop lab centrifuge

Lot description

Ventilated benchtop lab centrifuge, "VWR", type Mega Star 600, year of construction 2018, Benchtop centrifuge ideal for a wide range of applications such as research in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry as well as academic research. Auto-Lock 3 rotor locking system: The rotor is changed without tools at the push of a button; users can quickly change rotors and easily access the rotor chamber for cleaning. Aerosol-Tight ClickSeal Cup Sealing System: Easy to open / close with one gloved hand, no need for screw caps or complex clips. SMARTSpin technology optimizes acceleration, residual braking and residual load imbalance for maximum safety, regular analyzes and repeatable separations. The pulse function saves time for short analyzes.Intuitive controls and a large, bright LED display for easy operation and programming. Included with the centrifuge: 1 TX-150 rotor, buckets and lids, 1 Rotor with oscillating cups, M-10, for 4, microplates (4500, min -1 /2576 × g), For: Heraeus® Megafuge®, 8 Sealed buckets for M-10 microplate rotor with ClickSeal sealed lids (set of 2), 1 Adapter, 2 × 15 ml conical tubes (Ø × L,: 17 × 122, mm), For: Heraeus® Megafuge®, 8- 1 Fixed angle rotor, MicroClick, with certified biological containment cover, for 24, microtubes of 2, ml (16,000, min -1 / 24,372, × g for Megafuge®, 8 ,17,850 , min -1 / 30.279, × g for Megafuge®, 8R), For: Heraeus®; Megafuge®, etc.

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31/05/2021 14:00
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22 June 2021 14:10