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Tue, Feb 20, 2018 2:53 PM
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2152-1: Microbiological safety flow cabinet

Lot description

Microbiological safety flow cabinet, "Noroit", Anilis 1500, year of construction 2018, Anilis 1500, fixed base. Fixed base: Standard height. Reduced height base. HSP: 2m20. Activated carbon under the worktop. Internal dimension, 1590 x 570 x 640mm, External dimension, 1810 x 790 x 1513mm, External dimension, (fixed base with activated carbon): 1810 x 875 x 2313mm. Weight: 280 kg. Brightness: LED lighting> 1,100 lux. Max power: 1,600 W. Max air flow rate: 1,300 m³ / h. Handling protection: A very high efficiency HEPA filter removes particles from the ambient air before blowing into the handling chamber, achieving air quality in class 100 - ISO5. User protection: G3 type pre-filter and a very high efficiency HEPA filter remove particles before extraction in the laboratory, thus protecting the environment and the users in the laboratory.

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€ 5.000,00
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31/05/2021 14:00
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22/06/2021 14:00
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22 June 2021 14:00