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Tue, Feb 20, 2018 2:53 PM
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2139-2: Microbiological safety flow cabinet

Lot description

Microbiological safety flow cabinet, "Jouan", type MSC12, Class II, Certified to NSF and EU Standards: Type A2 ensuring the highest protection. Positive pressure volumes surrounded by negative pressure to eliminate escape of contaminants if ever a leak occurred. Large, clear working area: 46.8x1190x600mm or 890Wx600D mm, Simple to use: Clear controls with no adjustments necessary. Safe: Automatic speed adjustment. Automatic extinction of light at half speed. Undisturbed air barrier - Arm rest prevents blockage of air intake grille. Comfortable for long term work: Arm rest. Powerful lighting close to daylight. White interior without harsh reflections. Short distance between elbow and knee. Moderate acoustic level: Below 58 dBA. Sure: Hour counter, audible and visual alarms for power failure, open glass panel, blocked filter, high or low airflow, low exhaust flow, blower failure. Socket for DOP test. Easy to clean: One piece chamber with rounded corners. Lift-up window giving access to inner part of top. Hook-up worktop, rounded underneath. Easy to install: Only 29 in. / 735 mm depth required for passing through awkward passages and doorways.

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€ 2.500,00
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26/04/2021 14:00
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20/05/2021 14:00
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20 May 2021 14:00