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Tue, Feb 20, 2018 2:53 PM
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2061-1: Multi-filament system for testing textiles

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Multi-filament system for testing textiles, Collin, type CMF 100, year of construction 2010, serial number 45904210, line speeds ut to max 800 m/min, CMF 100 is used quite frequently for Optimization and color matching, Development of pigments, Polymer and additive development, Fiber development, Production of small quantities of samples and more in-depth testing. Polymers PE / PP / PA / PET / PLA / PPS / PES /PVDF and fluoropolymers require special materials for screws, barrels and spinnerets. Stretching With four electrically heated and speed-controlled galettes, all common stretching, processes may be employed for LOY low-oriented yarn, POY pre- or partially oriented yarn, FDY fully drawn yarn, HT high tension, MT moderate tension. Filament forms All possible filament forms can be produced, Homo- or bi-component, Hollow fibers, Round or trilobal cross-section. Performance data Temperature of stretching galettes: up to 250°C, Galette speed 50 ÷ 800 m/min, Titer range 20 ÷ 2000 DEN, Filament diameter 0.05 ÷ 0.15 mm, Number of filaments 12 - 150, machine components, Extruder, Air qurench cabinet, Spin finish application, Metering pump and Spinneret, water pressure 4 bar, power 32 kW, compressed air 6 bar, 400 volt. Machine already dismanteld

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