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Tue, Feb 20, 2018 2:53 PM
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2154: Online auction of exclusive juwelry and watches in (NL)
Starts 25 June 2021 14:00
Auction ends 08 July 2021 19:00
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2160: Online auction of design natural stone and ceramic wall tiles in NL.
Starts 28 June 2021 14:00
Auction ends 13 July 2021 14:00
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2161: Online auction of galvanised steel grid floor in Oirschot (NL)
Starts 05 July 2021 14:00
Auction ends 15 July 2021 14:00
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2162: Online auction of a Kalthoff double raised floor system, type K3025 SB
Starts 16 August 2021 14:00
Auction ends 06 September 2021 14:00
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2163: Online auction of roller and belt conveyor system of Comsort GmbH
Starts 17 August 2021 14:00
Auction ends 08 September 2021 14:00
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About Orbis Auctions


Orbis Auctions is an international online auction company specialized in business-to-business auctioning of machines, inventory and goods. We operate in various industries such as the metalworking, woodworking and agricultural industry.

Our website offers both clients and buyers an attractive platform in which products are offered in an accesible way. We are a reliable partner who stands for top quality and service.

Building strong and log lasting relationships with our clients and buyers is the premise of our core values: transparency, customer service and unburdening.

Orbis Auctions makes a comprehensive description for each lot and sufficient supporting photos will be provided. We want our clients to be fully informed about the lots they are interested in. All questions our clients might have will be answered before the auction ends. In addition we also offer our clients the possibility to visit the lots at location during the viewung days that we organize for every auction.

We try to make finding the products you are looking for on our website as easy as possible. A search filter allows you to enter product categories. You will immediately get an overview of our current offer.

Please contact us for more information:

For our clients;
We are happy to help you determine the starting value and expected yield value of your products.
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